Helping Parents

Where appropriate, Bambi Homes is committed to returning children to their parents and maintaining the family unity. Recognizing that parents of children in our temporary care often need assistance to get back on their feet, Bambi Homes staff assists parents with job training, financial education, and has begun providing micro finance loans to parents interested in launching a small business. This program is called PROMEFA (translated as the Program for the Improvement of the Family’s Socioeconomic Conditions) and has helped over 4,500 parents, making it possible for the children to reunite with their family.

Life Project
Bambi Homes trains parents on important parenting and life skills, including sensitivity training, empowerment, self-esteem building and awareness.

Job Training
In an effort to find suitable employment, Bambi Homes coordinates classes to teach parents marketable skills in technical occupations such as baking, apparel manufacturing, handcrafting, and grain processing.

Entrepreneurialism and Microfinance Loans
Bambi Homes provides loans to parents to start their own small businesses in order to support themselves and their families. Parents are taught financial planning, budgeting and entrepreneurialism.