Our social programs have a dual-generation approach aligning and coordinating services for parents and their children under 5 years old.

Early Childhood Services

In our Bambi Homes we provide a safe and nurturing environment for children under five years old with services including: institutional care for abandoned, orphaned and at risk children; high quality day care for disadvantaged children, and home base assistance for malnourished and at risk children. In the Bambi Homes children receive professional services from a team of psychologists, social workers, therapists, nutritionists, doctors, teachers and caregivers who maintain or restore their physical and psychological well being.


Opened in 1985, the first Bambi Home is located in Pance, south  of Cali. This Home provides institutional care to 238 children.


Founded in 2006  in Loreto la Milagrosa. This Home serves 254 children, 90% of them receiving high quality day care and home base assistance.


Opened in 1987, this is the our largest Home, located in the Rafael Uribe Uribe neighborhood. This home serves 562 children, aprox. 314 receiving home care assistance, 150 receiving high quality day care and 100 placed under institutional care.


Opened in 1998, this is the only home locate in a rural area of Colombia, benefiting farmers and indigenous communities. The home serves 76 children, all of them receiving room and board.

Parents Economic Empowerment


In our Bambi Homes we empowered parents by nurturing healthy parenting skills and providing training and tools that foster economic growth and independence. The program gives parents the opportunity to finish their high school education, attain job training and/or create their own business unit.